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Self-Care During Your Period

Self-Care During Your Period

You deserve to have a more positive relationship with your period. Period self-care is a simple way to actually look forward to getting your period instead of dreading it.

Taking care of yourself during menstruation means listening to your body and the signals it is sending you. 

These self-care tips for before and during your period will make “that time  of month” into an experience of self-compassion.

Plan Ahead

Before your period begins, decide what nice thing you’ll do for yourself when it arrives. 


You can put aside an item to remind yourself, like a face mask or your favourite tea. 

Commit to doing something nice for yourself each day of your period. Day 1 won’t be so awful if you know you’re going to take a luscious bath surrounded by candles!


Sleep an extra hour. Binge-watch your show with zero guilt. Read an entire book in one sitting. Raincheck on your plans. Stay in bed all day if you can.

Reward Yourself

You made it to a start of a new cycle! A new chance to begin again and to shed whatever isn’t serving you anymore.
Buy yourself something you’ve wanted. You deserve it.
If you’ve been trying to conceive, treat yourself by taking a day off your fertility diet.

Take A Day Off Work

If you have a regular cycle, you could book off the heaviest day of your period in advance. And if your period comes unexpectedly, then call in sick! Is it really going to be a productive work day anyway?

Put Your Feet Up

No chores for three days! Or at least put off or delegate as much as you can. This one may involve an agreement with your significant other, but if they can agree to take over a bit of the cooking while you’re bleeding, that would be really nice. You can reciprocate when you’re feeling better.


Now probably isn’t the time when you want to do your big ab workout. Sink into your natural breath, keeping your belly soft. Your period is a perfect time to try out a restorative or yin yoga class.

Look Up At The Moon

For whatever reason, feminine cycles are usually about the same length as moon cycles. Take time every period to go outside at night and look up at the moon. Notice which phase it’s in and if that’s the same as your last period. Finding connection to the larger universe is a great way to gain some perspective and remind yourself that everything is temporary.

Your Period Self-Care Plan

If you’re like me, then at a young age you were taught that you have to just stick a tampon in and go on with your life when you have your period.

It’s time to change that.

Don’t force yourself to be more energetic or productive than you feel!

Your period can be a time for self-care and self-reflection, as long as you let it.


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