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Letting Go Coping for Infertility

Letting Go Coping For Infertility

3 Things Mindfulness Teaches You To Let Go Of

“Letting Go Coping” means that you cope with stressful situations by accepting them and letting go of the need to change what is. Mindfulness teaches you to let go of many things. In fact, I like to think of practicing mindfulness more as letting go of what isn’t serving you than adding anything into your life. 



In mindfulness we practice non-resistance, non-judgment, non-reactivity. Letting go coping means dealing with stressful situations by letting go of trying to control everything, and accepting things as they are.  

Let Go of Resistance

You are in resistance when you wish that the present moment was different than it is. One of the most important lessons of mindfulness is that resistance leads to suffering.


When you’re trying to conceive with no success, it’s natural to resist the present moment because it’s so painful and unexpected.


You might avoid your feelings, or you might be in denial. You might question why this is happening to you and not to others. All of these are examples of being in resistance. 


Acceptance is the opposite of resistance, and this is what we practice in mindfulness.

Let Go Of Judgment

One of the most stressful parts of infertility is that it changes your opinion of yourself. You may start to see yourself as flawed or broken, or less than other people who are able to conceive easily.


It takes a lot of energy to be constantly judging yourself.


In mindfulness, you practice non-judgment. Of others, of the situation, and of yourself.


When you realize that you are deserving of having the family of your dreams, you conserve the energy you were giving away so that you can build yourself up and advocate for yourself.

Let Go Of Control

After you’ve been given an infertility diagnosis, you might be willing to try anything.


You might try to control everything you can, because getting pregnant has suddenly become outside of your control. You might find that you become a little too obsessive over your vitamin regime, or desperately searching Google for answers.


Practicing mindfulness helps you let go of trying to control the things you can’t. It is so much more empowering to surrender what is outside your control, and focus instead on what you can control. For example, how you meet your own needs, or how you advocate for yourself. 

Letting Go Coping + Infertility

Letting go takes practice, and maybe some guidance, but it’s a proven way of making your long fertility journey easier. 


I’m so glad that I started practicing mindfulness before I started to conceive. When I was struck with an infertility diagnosis, and then an endometriosis diagnosis, letting go coping was there for me. Practicing letting go of resistance, judgment, and control helped me realize that infertility had nothing to do with me as a person or my worth as a woman or wife. 


If you’re ready to deep-dive into how mindfulness and letting go can bring you more joy and ease on your fertility journey, check out my course Empowered Fertility. 


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