Mindful Tools For Your Long Fertility Journey

Fertility Doula Services so that you can feel grounded and supported while you’re trying to conceive

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Getting pregnant is taking a lot longer than you expected

Infertility is a rollercoaster of emotions! 


You’re mourning the life you thought you would have by now and angry at how unfair it is that you have to struggle to become a parent.



Every time you get your period, it’s a new heartbreak… Every time you ovulate, you try not to get your hopes up so you don’t get too disappointed.



I’m here to support you through one of the toughest times in your life. 



Wherever you are on your long fertility journey, Feel Fully provides a non-judgmental space to feel whatever you’re feeling, along with strategies to cope with the ups and downs so that you can start to feel grounded again.

the tools & support you need


someone who gets it

I've been through years of infertility, endometriosis surgeries, and IVF, and gotten out the other side.


mindful tools

You'll earn new techniques and strategies to make the hard times easier to handle.


no more toxic positivity

You’re allowed to feel your negative emotions here. This is a safe space to grieve and also to hope.

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What about the emotional side of infertility?

Don’t you agree that the emotional side of infertility gets brushed aside too often by medical professionals?


You’re worthy of receiving emotional support while you’re dealing with a serious medical issue and going through intensive medical treatment. This shouldn’t be revolutionary. I believe there should be a fertility doula at every fertility clinic!


One in six couples in Canada are unable to conceive in the first year of trying. That means for sure there are people you know who are going through this even if they haven’t told you. 


Infertility brings so much shame and confusion about your role in life. You probably spent most of your twenties on birth control or anxiously trying not to get pregnant. When you decide you’re ready to become a parent, you can’t… how is that fair? 

The fact is that

infertility isn't fair.

You know you would be a great parent (there are some not-so-great ones out there!) and that a child would receive so much love from you.


Growing your family is such a worthy desire and actually the opposite of being selfish. 


You did absolutely nothing to deserve this. But the waiting is still incredibly tough.

you’re ready for

a sustainable fertility journey!

It’s time to ditch isolation, learn practical skills to help you cope, and get the emotional support you need to get through this without losing who you are.


You want to keep trying. If having the family you’ve been yearning for is going to take a long time, the process needs to be emotionally sustainable. 



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1:1 Support

Your unique story deserves to be heard and seen.


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Online Course

Build your mindfulness practice so that you feel more in control.


grounded & present

Meditation Bundle

Calm your mind and connect to your body with these downloadables.

Hi, I'm Simone

It took us four years before I got pregnant with our IVF miracle. It was hard and isolating. What got me through was constantly asking myself “how could this be easier?” 


I reached out for the support I needed. I practiced yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. And one day, I surprised myself with how resilient I felt. 


I actually started working as a fertility doula while I was still trying to conceive because I knew how NEEDED this service was to a grieving community.

free guide!


Easing Infertility Stress: What you absolutely need to know

Empower yourself to bring more ease and calm into your fertility journey.

success stories

"I really appreciated Simone’s patience and her ability to listen without judgment. I learned that I am strong enough to deal with problems if they arise, but that I don't have to assume the worst will happen. "

Coaching Client
"Simone taught me calm at a time of chaos. Her peaceful presence, nurturing nature and love for what she does truly shows up in her sessions. I enjoyed having a tailored yoga session that catered to where I was at in my cycle and to what my body needed that day. "
Jaclyn Genovese
Fertility Yoga Participant
"Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit. Her yoga and coaching were kind, creative, careful, and on point. If you are looking to connect with someone who really gets the fertility journey and can give you some new perspectives along the way, while helping you feel more present and accepting of your body, she's your girl!"

Fertility Coaching Client and Fertility Yoga Participant
"Simone offers a space to observe and reflect upon our feelings. I've experienced so many breakthroughs during the course, and they keep continuing! This course gave me the opportunity to slow down, and take the time to tune in. Simone encourages us to acknowledge our feelings, and to honour them, as they are the guideposts to designing a life that enhances and supports our own self-worth. "
Online Course Participant (Feel Fully YOU, June 2020)
"Simone has a calming voice that makes it easy to follow her into meditation. Her guided instructions lead you gently into your self and allow the freedom to explore what is needing reflection and attention. Her ability to create a safe environment to feel emotions and be vulnerable with ourselves provides powerful learning."

Meditation Challenge Participant
"Thanks, Simone. I truly believe this course has been instrumental in helping me navigate my emotions, and during a time like this, proven to be so incredibly helpful for allowing me to feel all the emotions I am experiencing, without fear or shame. I am thankful for what I have learned from you to be able to guide me in the process of healing; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and on a mind-body-soul level. "
Online Course Participant (Feel Fully YOU, June 2020)