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Distract Yourself On The Two Week Wait

Distract Yourself During The Two Week Wait

Yeah, you’re right- usually I’m all about mindfulness, but during the two week wait distractions are important. 


You’ve done fertility treatment this month, and now you’re waiting. It will be one of two things, and you’re afraid of both: You’ll be pregnant or you’ll get your period.


The two week wait after an IUI or an embryo transfer is one of the hardest parts of the fertility journey for so many of us. 


Sick of teeter-tottering between hope and fear?  Don’t just survive – thrive! Distract yourself with these strategies to calm the mind, feel better and bring you back to the present.

Get Creative

After ovulation is the most creative part of your cycle, according to The Optimized Woman by Miranda Grey



Start writing that teen fic you’ve been dreaming up. Doodle, get crafty. Play that instrument that you have kicking around but rarely touch. 



If you have some sort of project at work that needs brainstorming, now is the optimal time to do it, when you have a million ideas in your head.

Out With The Old

Now is the perfect time to purge. You have no time for anything you don’t need. 


Clean out your closet, edit that paper, use your critical mind to cull and erase.

Be With Nature

When your mind is obsessed with the future, nature can be a great example. Watch how the branches of the trees move in the breeze. 


Whether you’re with a pet or observing an ant, notice how the animal lives truly in the present. It is not concerned about last month or three days from now. Take its advice\.

Study Female Anatomy

It’s really interesting to figure out exactly what’s going on in your body at different stages of your cycle. During the two week wait, there are one of two things happening, depending on whether an egg was fertilized or not. Focus on what you want to happen.


I find mindfulness meditation really difficult during the two week wait. Too many thoughts pop up and I get distracted right away.


Visualization is a meditation technique that lets you be a little more creative. You can even imagine your fertilized egg traveling down your tube and implanting in your uterus. Send positive energy to your womb. I can’t promise that this will help you get pregnant, but I can say for certain that it will make you feel better.

Two Week Wait Distractions

There is a time for doing a lot of self-reflection and working on improving yourself. I don’t think the two week wait is that time. 




Find something to distract yourself from your fears!


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