meditation practice

Start a Meditation Practice

Start a Meditation Practice

Are you looking to start a meditation practice?


If you’ve been stressed on your fertility journey, meditating can be a great tool to add into your self-care routine to help you feel more grounded. 


Here are 3 steps to start a meditation practice with ease. 

Step 1: Start Small

  • start by meditating for less than a minute
  • as you build your concentration, you can practice for longer

Step 2: Build Good Habits

  • meditate in the same spot every day

  • meditate at the same time every day

  • set your goal to practice every day, or every week day, (not 3x/week)

Step 3: Find a Guide You Love

  • listen to guided meditation until you get comfotable doing it on your own

  • find a guide whose voice makes you feel soothed

  • try several different types of meditation to find the one that feels like the best fit for you
  • discover whether you like to have background music, sounds, or not

A few things to keep in mind

Non-Judgment: You’re not “bad” at meditating if you keep getting distracted. Practice letting go of judging yourself.

Meditation has no goal: You’re not “trying” to feel calmer by meditating. Keep an open mind and be curious of the outcome.

Meditation brings you to the truth: If you’ve been hiding from your feelings, starting a meditation practice can make you come to terms with how you’re actually feeling.

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