Your Fertility Journey Just Got So Much Easier!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been trying to conceive naturally for over a year and are now dealing with the word “infertility”
  • You feel let down by your body
  • You’re struggling to manage your new diagnosis and all the options that come with it
  • You feel angry and resentful that you were taught that conceiving would be easy
  • You’re tired of WAITING

I’ve got good news: It can be so much easier!




  • You don’t feel frustrated about the waiting anymore
  • Your emotions don’t feel so overwhelming anymore
  • You have a toolbox of strategies to handle stress that you can use both on your fertility journey and after

I can help you get there.


Empowered Fertility

Empowered Fertility is a one-month program to change the course of your fertility journey.


You will learn:

  • all the tips and tricks I use to manage stress and the stressful situations that infertility brings
  • my go-to tools for building resilience
  • how to hold yourself accountable to self-care

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“Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit. Her yoga and coaching were kind, creative, careful, and on point. If you are looking to connect with someone who really gets the fertility journey and can give you some new perspectives along the way, while helping you feel more present and accepting of your body, she’s your girl!”

“Simone is truly wonderful and makes you feel valued, respected, supported and comfortable to just be yourself and express however you are feeling without any judgement. She really listened to me and got to know me and my specific needs so that she could be sure she was always offering support that made sense for me specifically. It was so refreshing and much needed. I highly recommend Simone as a fertility doula.”


“Working with Simone has been a deeply validating and restorative experience. Her support has helped me move forward, gently, at a point in my process when I was feeling depleted and overwhelmed. I now have tools to connect with my body and with community in a way that relieves the stress of this journey.”