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Exercising With Endometriosis Just Got So Much Easier!

Learn how to use your unique cycle and body awareness to feel great while you’re moving.

Exercise With Endo

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5 strategies for feeling good while working out 

(even if you’re navigating pain, bloating or fatigue)

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Exercise with Endo
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When you have endometriosis, exercise can be a big challenge. It can get even harder when you are not using hormonal medications to manage your symptoms.

When I went off the pill to try to conceive, my endo symptoms got so much worse! As a yoga teacher, I had to find the right strategies so that I could continue to exercise for my job!

These 5 expert strategies for exercising with endo  will help you:

  • get the mental health benefits of exercise
  • create a habit of moving your body
  • honour your symptoms instead of pushing through them

Simone L’Abbé is a Canadian fertility doula and yoga instructor. Her experiences with endometriosis, infertility, IVF, and burnout have led her to compile tools and resources for those dealing with chronic stress, fatigue, and physical pain. Simone helps you find supportive and empowering routines to bolster you so that you can get out of survival mode and start thriving.  

Ready to find the perfect workout schedule and moves for endo?

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Free PDF Guide
Exercise with Endo
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