How To Finally Feel In Control Of Your Fertility Journey

Hop off the emotional rollercoaster and EMPOWER yourself to “expertly” navigate the ups and downs of infertilitybefore your next cycle starts

“Your course seemed to ‘click’ during my IVF cycle. I felt more equipped to take on the process, the challenges and to make big decisions. I am proud of how far I have come!” 


Group Program starts March 15, 2024!

Does this sound like you? You are:


  • feeling let down by your body for not doing what it’s “supposed to” do
  • struggling to manage your diagnosis and all the options that come with it
  • feeling angry and resentful with the injustice of infertility
  • frustrated with all the WAITING

I’ve got good news: It can be so much easier!


Imagine… Now you:

  • don’t feel frustrated about the waiting anymore
  • feel your emotions without the overwhelm
  • have a toolkit of strategies to handle stress that you can use both on your fertility journey and after

You have been so helpful during my journey on so many levels!


I can help you get to a place where infertility does NOT run your life.


empowered fertility

Empowered Fertility is a 4-week group coaching program to take back the control of your long fertility journey.

🪴 If you’ve been incredibly stressed and you’re in need of some tried and tested coping strategies, as well as the accountability to stick to them, this is for you. 

🪴 Inside, you’ll find the tools to stay as grounded as possible during the emotional roller coaster ride of  infertility. It can be so much easier!

Have we met?

I’m Simone, fertility doula and yoga instructor. I recently moved to Kingston, Ontario from Toronto. 


Going through infertility and treatments is insanely hard, and the daily practice of mindfulness coping strategies are what have helped me get through. I want to share what I’ve learned so that your long fertility journey can be easier, and so you can feel better NOW instead of telling yourself that you’ll feel better once you’re pregnant.

For me, it was a shock to not get pregnant right away. I was so confused and angry at the lack of support and the injustice of it all! 

I was working in a stressful environment as an inner-city school teacher at the time, so I decided to prioritize my emotional wellness, switch to part-time teaching, and dedicate a lot of time to learning new coping strategies. Daily, I practiced soothing my body and connecting inwards.

I realized how much mindfulness and yoga were helping me heal my heartbreak, and I decided to quit my job and work with others on a long fertility journey. I absolutely love being a teacher of mindfulness and meditation, and bringing my teaching expertise into my courses.

While going through IVF and surgeries for endometriosis, the continual practice of mindfulness has helped me feel more present, grounded, and at ease. I’ve been able to find the little moments of connection and joy, even during the struggle, and I know that with a little help, you can, too!
“Simone is truly wonderful and makes you feel valued, respected, supported and comfortable.”


mindfulness for fertility


You will learn:

  • strategies to pull you back into the present when you’re worried about your future
  • tips and tricks to manage the stress that infertility brings
  • my go-to tools for building resilience so that you know that you can handle whatever happens next
  • how to grow your mindfulness practice

We are going to take a deep dive into mindfulness so that you can feel grounded and present even while you are still trying to conceive.

“I am definitely going to continue referring back to mindfulness techniques along the way making these practices into habits.”


4 Weeks, 4 Modules

Module 1

Letting Go of Resistance

  • handling the toughest times infertility throws at you with self-compassion
  • accepting the present moment, even when it sucks!

Module 2

Building Empowering Habits

  • holding yourself accountable to self-care
  • establishing a daily mindfulness practice
  • putting yourself first
  • banishing excuses

Module 3


  • finding strength in vulnerability
  • building your courage and hope while you wait
  • shifting your mindset

Module 4

for Yourself

  • responding instead of reacting to triggers
  • discovering your primary reaction style
  • setting boundaries
  • protecting your energy

What's included?

🍍 4 weeks of video content to build your empowering mindfulness strategies 

🍍 Workbooks and journal prompts so you can put your learning into action in your life right away
🍍 Downloadable meditations to de-stress

🍍🍍 Live group coaching calls with Simone

🍍🍍Your new TTC besties! 

“Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit.  If you are looking to connect with someone who really gets the fertility journey and can give you some new perspectives along the way, while helping you feel more present and accepting of your body, she’s your girl!”


Being empowered on your fertility journey means you:

  • advocate confidently for your needs
  • move from survival mode into thrive mode using two clear coping strategies
  • embody resilience and keep the hope
  • practice daily habits that make you feel more at ease

Tap into the power of mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of not only observing the present moment, but accepting the present moment as it is without judgment or resistance. 


When you are being mindful, you’re no longer running on automatic and reacting to triggers. You are able to cope with stressful situations in a way that is more true to yourself.


Each module explores a new principle of mindfulness and how it can specifically help you on your fertility journey. As you cultivate this practice, you’ll see big shifts in the way you cope not only with infertility, but in many areas of your life!


I want individual support for my unique fertility journey. Can I still do this program?

Yes, you can join as a VIP member. Write a note in your application form and we will schedule a 1:1 call.


What if I get pregnant while I’m in the program?

Let me know! If you realize you can’t participate in Empowered Fertility before the first coaching call, I will give you a full refund. If you get pregnant in the middle of the program, these strategies will still be incredibly helpful as you navigate early pregnancy after infertility and/or loss.


How do I know if this program is a good fit for me?

This is a group coaching program, meaning you will be taking the course at the same time as other fertility warriors, and coached together on the same Zoom call.  It works for anyone on a long fertility journey whether you’re dealing with primary or secondary infertility, female-factor or male-factor infertility, or recurrent pregnancy loss.

your empowered fertility journey starts here

The content

  • a series of short, digestible video lessons for each of 4 modules
  • downloadable meditation recordings
  • coping strategies for when it’s hard, and for when you’re waiting
  • workbooks and journal prompts
  • accountability to practice your new coping strategies
  • 4 live group calls with Simone

Bonus Content!

🍍  Emotions as Resources Masterclass

🍍  Fertility Yoga Videos

The details

  • You get access to module one and bonuses right away
  • The course platform is called Thinkific and is very user-friendly
  • You’ll have access to the course materials for one year
  • Accountability calls will be scheduled at a time when all members are available

more joy while you're ttc

Becoming more present will bring you more:

🪴 peace 🪴 you notice the little moments, drinking your tea, folding the laundry, when everything is calm

🪴 ease 🪴 you no longer feel like you’re pushing against a brick wall, you let go of what you don’t need

🪴 joy 🪴 you’re able to find the beauty in the everyday again


You are deserving of the family of your dreams. You are worthy.


Don’t wait until you’re pregnant to allow yourself to experience joy.


Find joy NOW!

whats included

empowered fertility

Video Modules (Value $500)

Printable Workbooks (Value $55)

Downloadable Meditations (Value $25)

Unlimited Email Support for 4 weeks ($300)

Live Group Coaching Calls ($440)

Bonus: Emotions as Resources Masterclass (Value $87)

Bonus: Fertility Yoga Videos (Value $45)

Total Value: $1,452

Today’s Price: $333 CAD



VIP option

all of the above PLUS

2x 1:1 calls with Simone

$477 CAD

Enrollment March 8-14, 2024

Program Runs March 15-April 12, 2024

Spaces are limited.



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