There's an Easier Way to Survive Your Long Fertility Journey

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Does this sound like you? You are:

  • trying to conceive, and it’s taking much longer than you expected
  • feeling let down by your body
  • struggling to manage your diagnosis and all the options that come with it
  • feeling angry and resentful with the injustice of infertility
  • frustrated with all the WAITING

I’ve got good news: It can be so much easier!


Imagine… Now you:

  • don’t feel frustrated about the waiting anymore
  • feel your emotions without the overwhelm
  • have a toolkit of strategies to handle stress that you can use both on your fertility journey and after

I can help you get there.


empowered fertility

Empowered Fertility is a 4-week self-study online course to transform the way you feel on your long fertility journey.


If you’ve been incredibly stressed and you’re in need of some tried and tested coping strategies, this is for you. 


Inside, you’ll find the tools I’ve used to stay as grounded as possible over the past 4 years of dealing with the emotional roller coaster ride of female-factor infertility. It can be so much easier!

“Simone is truly wonderful and makes you feel valued, respected, supported and comfortable.”


Have we met?

I’m Simone, fertility doula and yoga instructor. I recently moved to Kingston, Ontario from Toronto. 


Going through infertility and treatments is insanely hard, and the daily practice of mindfulness coping strategies are what have helped me get through. I want to share what I’ve learned so that your long fertility journey can be easier, and so you can feel better NOW instead of telling yourself that you’ll feel better once you’re pregnant.

For me, it was a shock to not get pregnant right away. I was so confused and angry at the lack of support and the injustice of it all! 

I was working in a stressful environment as an inner-city school teacher at the time, so I decided to prioritize my emotional wellness, switch to part-time teaching, and dedicate a lot of time to learning new coping strategies. Daily, I practiced soothing my body and connecting inwards.

I realized how much mindfulness and yoga were helping me heal my heartbreak, and I decided to quit my job and work with others on a long fertility journey. I absolutely love being a teacher of mindfulness and meditation, and bringing my teaching expertise into my courses.

While going through IVF and surgeries for endometriosis, the continual practice of mindfulness has helped me feel more present, grounded, and at ease. I’ve been able to find the little moments of connection and joy, even during the struggle, and I know that with a little help, you can, too!

join empowered fertility


You will learn:

  • mindfulness strategies to pull you back into the present
  • all the tips and tricks I use to manage stress and the stressful situations that infertility brings
  • my go-to tools for building resilience
  • how to hold yourself accountable to self-care

Take a deep dive into mindfulness strategies and how you can integrate them into your life so that your fertility journey stops feeling so hard. 

All the details


Anytime! This is a self-study course. You get 4 weeks of content, but you’ll have access to it for a year.


Led by Simone L’Abbé, Fertility Doula and yoga instructor at Feel Fully. For those dealing with the stress of an infertility diagnosis and fertility treatments.


Using an online course platform called Thinkific. You can access the videos and pdf workbooks on your computer or phone. Each module has video lessons, meditations, and a workbook to fill in so you can integrate everything you’ve learned right away.

What if I get pregnant?

Let me know and I can celebrate with you! These strategies will still be incredibly helpful as you navigate pregnancy after infertility.

Is this course for me?

It is if you’re dealing with a diagnosis where your sense of identity has been rocked like endometriosis, PCOS, unexplained infertility, or low AMH. It is if you are finding that the tools you’re currently using to cope aren’t quite enough to reduce your stress. It is if you’re interested in how practicing mindfulness at a deeper level can help you feel more at ease.

4 Weeks, 4 Modules

Letting Go of Resistance

  • handling the toughest times infertility throws at you with self-compassion
  • accepting the present moment, even when it sucks!

Building Empowering Habits

  • holding yourself accountable to self-care
  • establishing a daily mindfulness practice
  • putting yourself first
  • banishing excuses


  • finding strength in vulnerability
  • building your courage and hope while you wait
  • shifting your mindset

for Yourself

  • responding instead of reacting to triggers
  • discovering your primary reaction style
  • setting boundaries
  • protecting your energy
“Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit.  If you are looking to connect with someone who really gets the fertility journey and can give you some new perspectives along the way, while helping you feel more present and accepting of your body, she’s your girl!”


What's included?

🍍 4 weeks of video content to build your empowering mindfulness strategies 

🍍 workbooks and journal prompts so you can put your learning into action in your life right away
🍍 downloadable meditations to detress
🍍🍍  Bonuses: fertility yoga videos, Emotions as Resources Masterclass

What does it cost?

$333 CAD (Canadian dollars)

Being empowered on your fertility journey means you:

  • advocate confidently for your needs
  • move from survival mode into thrive mode using two clear coping strategies
  • embody resilience and keep the hope
  • practice daily habits that make you feel more at ease

Tap into the power of mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of not only observing the present moment, but accepting the present moment as it is without judgment or resistance. 


When you are being mindful, you’re no longer running on automatic and reacting to triggers. You are able to cope with stressful situations in a way that is more true to yourself.


Each module explores a new principle of mindfulness and how it can specifically help you on your fertility journey. As you cultivate this practice, you’ll see big shifts in the way you cope not only with infertility, but in many areas of your life!

your empowered fertility journey

The content

  • a series of short, digestible video lessons for each of 4 modules
  • downloadable meditation recordings
  • coping strategies for when it’s hard, and for when you’re waiting
  • workbooks and journal prompts

Bonus Content!

🍍  Emotions as Resources Masterclass

🍍  Fertility Yoga Videos

The details

  • It costs $333 CAD.
  • You get access to the course as soon as you pay.
  • You get an email each week for 4 weeks to remind you to complete the module.
  • You get access to the course platform for one year.

The transformation

Before, you…

  • are overwhelmed
  • react quickly to triggers
  • feel stressed
  • worry constantly about the future

 After Empowered Fertility, you…

  • feel more at ease
  • respond with compassion to triggers
  • have a solid toolkit of coping strategies
  • can quickly bring yourself back to the present

You are worthy of more ease and joy on your long fertility journey.

Explore how much less stressful it can be with

empowered fertility

“Working with Simone has been a deeply validating and restorative experience. Her support has helped me move forward, gently, at a point in my process when I was feeling depleted and overwhelmed. I now have tools to connect with my body and with community in a way that relieves the stress of this journey.”