Discover the resilience within you!

Breathe easier as you navigate your fertility journey...

5 amazing days of FREE content with 10 experts!

You can handle anything!

Even a long and challenging fertility journey.

Join 10 resilience and fertility experts over 5 powerful days of transformation. Completely FREE.


This is for you if:

  • You’ve been trying to conceive for a while, and the stress is affecting other areas of your life
  • You sometimes feel like the sadness of infertility is overpowering
  • You’ve had experiences with pregnancy loss or fear of loss
  • You’re trying to conceive naturally, working with a clinic, you’re taking a break from trying right now, and even if you’ve stopped trying

In 5 days, you will...

Become more resilient so that you know you can handle any challenge

Be a part of an amazing community of fertility warriors

Learn tools to ground yourself in the present moment

Empower yourself so that you can self-advocate and make decisions with ease

Cultivate self-compassion so that you can love your body again


Which sessions are you going to join live?

all times in eastern (toronto/new york)

sessions are about 45min long, with 30min talk and 15min mindbody technique

Simone L’Abbé

Fertility Coach

Opening Ceremony – Monday, Dec 7 at 11am EST

Practicing Resilient Self-Compassion

Mindbody Technique: Visualisation & Journaling

Dr Emily Brander


Monday, Dec 7, 7pm EST

Loving and Grieving in the Medical Space 

Live Q&A

Mindbody Technique: Mindfulness Meditation

Dr Rahima Hirji

Naturopathic Doctor

Tuesday, Dec 8, 11am EST

Building Resilience through Food

Mindbody Technique: Visualization

Sheri Johnson

Pregnancy Loss Coach

Tuesday, Dec 8, 7pm EST

The 4 Steps to Navigating Grief After a Loss

Mindbody Technique: Healing Ritual with Essential Oils

Amira Posner

Fertility Therapist

Wednesday, Dec 9, 11am EST

Cultivating Hope when All Hope is Lost

Mindbody Technique: Self-Hypnosis

Dionne Roberts

Holistic Practitioner

Wednesday, Dec 9, 7pm EST 

Yoga Nidra Soundscape

Mindbody Technique: Moon Womb Deep Relaxation

Anastasia Watson

Transformational Trust Coach, Artist

Thursday, Dec 10, 11am EST

The Art of Radical Resilience

Mindbody Technique: Somatic Soothing

Naomi Woolfson

Fertility Therapist & Coach

Thursday, Dec 10, 3pm EST 

**this is the only session not at 11am or 7pm**

Clearing Emotional and Energetic Blocks to Conception

Mindbody Technique: Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Rosie Matheson

Doula & Fertility Yoga Teacher Trainer

Thursday, Dec 10, 7pm EST 

Your Beautiful Period

Mindbody Technique: Visualization Meditation

Carissa Ramirez

Full-Spectrum Doula

Friday, Dec 11, 11am EST

Not Giving Up

Mindbody Technique: Soothing Breath Work

Simone L’Abbé

Fertility Coach

Closing Ceremony: Friday, Dec 11, 7pm EST

Finding Joy in Uncertain Times

Mindbody Technique: Moving Meditation

i've got some Questions...

The retreat is taking place in a private Facebook group. None of your FB friends can see that you’re in the group. People who are in the private group will be able to see your name if you comment, but all members agree to the rule of confidentiality.

No. No specific program is being sold. The intention of the retreat is to help you build resilience and self-compassion on your fertility journey. If you resonate with someone, each speaker will share a link with the retreat audience – usually to a free resource or free call to meet with them. 

All of the sessions of the Resilience Retreat will be recorded and saved into the Facebook group. You can watch, and even comment and ask questions, afterwards. 

Registering for this free event helps the organizers know how many people to expect, and you will have the benefit of receiving email reminders so that you don’t miss your favourite speakers live. You can join the FB group without registering for the retreat.

You can listen to the sessions of the retreat without needing to look at your phone or your computer, as though it’s a podcast!

This retreat for empowered fertility warriors is for anyone on their fertility journey, regardless of gender, sexuality or any other way you identify. Certain sessions are more geared towards people who have menstrual cycles. Simone is careful when speaking not to exclude people by assuming that everyone is a woman, and has asked her guests to use inclusive language as well.

Please email me at and I’ll send you the Zoom link so that you can participate in the sessions that interest you!

Resilience Retreat for Empowered Fertility Warriors 

Hosted by Simone L’Abbé


Monday, December 7, 2020-

Friday, December 11, 2020






All live videos and recordings in the Empowered Fertility Warriors private Facebook group

Register for the Retreat
  • Commit to your own growth and transformation on your fertility journey

  • Learn more about each speaker and what they're offering

  • Reminders to attend the sessions that interest you
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