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You don’t have to wait until you get pregnant to live your life with ease and joy.

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is this you?

Sara John

  • You have endometriosis
  • You feel surrounded by people who have what you want – babies, productive work lives, pain-free periods. 
  • Since you stopped birth control or hormone treatment, your endometriosis symptoms have been getting worse and worse
  • You’re scared that this is going to be your life forever

I get it

I thought getting pregnant was going to be easy. As soon as my husband and I stopped using birth control, I was excited to have a baby in 9 months!

After 6 months, I was worried. I wasn’t getting pregnant and my periods were becoming so painful that I sometimes couldn’t walk.

After 9 months, I started charting my cycles. My temperature was all over the place, and I learned that spotting for days before and after your period isn’t normal. 

After a year and a half of trying to conceive naturally, we were referred to a fertility clinic, where they discovered large endometriomas in both of my ovaries. My doctor told me on the phone that because of endometriosis, it would likely be harder for me to get pregnant and stay pregnant. 


I became so angry and resentful – towards others who had what I wanted, towards the universe for making this crappy situation, but mainly towards myself and my body for not being able to fulfil my own expectations for myself. 

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it doesn't have to be so hard

I decided I couldn’t live with this much anger and resentment any longer. 


I started taking courses, going to retreats, and learning about fertility and the mind-body connection. 



I learned how to honour where I am in my cycle, how to accept how I feel, how to reduce my pain without medication, and how to keep the hope.


Even though I am still trying to conceive, embracing self-compassion and practicing mind-body techniques daily has allowed me to surprise myself with how resilient I am. When I experience endo symptoms, they no longer affect my ability to find ease and joy in my life.


natural endo ease

A 4-week self-study online course so that you can ditch survival mode and reduce endometriosis symptoms naturally

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Only $127 USD!

My Goals

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module 1: gain control

Ditch overwhelm and move from survival mode to thrive mode.


module 2: manage your pain naturally

Discover new tools and techniques so that you can move beyond fighting your pain.


module 3: step into ease

Use mindfulness to create more ease for yourself on your fertility journey with endo.


module 4: practice self-compassion

Solidify your self-care routine and develop lasting habits to sustain you through the hardest times. Add joy back into your life!


bonus: yoga for endo

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to my Endo Warrior Flow course - Fertility Yoga for Endometriosis so that you can exercise in a way that honours your cycle and symptoms.


bonus: live support calls

Create community with other endo warriors on Zoom. You are not alone.

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This course is for you if:

  • You have endometriosis or you suspect you do
  • You are not on birth control: You are trying to conceive or you have natural menstrual cycles
  • You’d like to manage your endometriosis symptoms/period pain naturally