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Feel Fully believes that you already have the resources within you to thrive.

Are you overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions concerning infertility or miscarriage? Is it hard for you to make decisions? Are you ready to make self-care your priority but don’t know how?

At Feel Fully, we help you move beyond survival mode and find more ease in your life. 

We provide live and self-study online courses, resilience coaching, and events so that you can quickly ground yourself in the present moment, discover and utilize your powerful resources, and become more resilient. 

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My Grounded & Present: 21 Meditations for Self-Love


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for fertility warriors


5 soothing yoga poses for implantation

Start cultivating your daily self-compassion rituals with these fertility yoga poses to encourage implantation, each with their own affirmation.

the feel fully process

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Let go of the story

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about feel fully

In each of Feel Fully’s online experiences, you enter a space of non-judgement. It’s OK that you’re currently feeling whatever you’re feeling. We are exploring a process through which you can find more ease and empowerment.

Simone L’Abbé, MA

Simone holds a Master’s degree from the department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto. She has trained as a yoga and meditation teacher, and fertility doula. She draws on a variety of mind-body techniques and from her experience to help you embody resilience and empowerment.

weekly lives


mindful moment for fertility warriors


3pm EST

Facebook Live

Join Simone for techniques and tips to stay present inside the Mindfulness & Yoga for Empowered Fertility Warriors Facebook group.


community meditation


8pm EST


A 10-minute soothing meditation to calm the nervous system, connect with yourself, and practice the feel fully process.

Connect with Simone for 1:1 services, including:

Fertility Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Anxiety Reduction

Doula and Miscarriage Support

success stories

"I really appreciated Simone’s patience and her ability to listen without judgment. I learned that I am strong enough to deal with problems if they arise, but that I don't have to assume the worst will happen. "

Private Client
"Simone taught me calm at a time of chaos. Her peaceful presence, nurturing nature and love for what she does truly shows up in her sessions. I enjoyed having a tailored yoga session that catered to where I was at in my cycle and to what my body needed that day. "
Jaclyn Genovese
Fertility Yoga Participant
"Simone has a warm energy and a really caring spirit. Her yoga and coaching were kind, creative, careful, and on point. If you are looking to connect with someone who really gets the fertility journey and can give you some new perspectives along the way, while helping you feel more present and accepting of your body, she's your girl!"

Fertility Coaching Client and Fertility Yoga Participant
"Simone offers a space to observe and reflect upon our feelings. I've experienced so many breakthroughs during the course, and they keep continuing! This course gave me the opportunity to slow down, and take the time to tune in. Simone encourages us to acknowledge our feelings, and to honour them, as they are the guideposts to designing a life that enhances and supports our own self-worth. "
Online Course Participant (Feel Fully YOU, June 2020)
"Simone has a calming voice that makes it easy to follow her into meditation. Her guided instructions lead you gently into your self and allow the freedom to explore what is needing reflection and attention. Her ability to create a safe environment to feel emotions and be vulnerable with ourselves provides powerful learning."

Meditation Challenge Participant
"Thanks, Simone. I truly believe this course has been instrumental in helping me navigate my emotions, and during a time like this, proven to be so incredibly helpful for allowing me to feel all the emotions I am experiencing, without fear or shame. I am thankful for what I have learned from you to be able to guide me in the process of healing; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and on a mind-body-soul level. "
Online Course Participant (Feel Fully YOU, June 2020)

Podcast appearances

Love & Loss Podcast, episode 33 with Sheri Johnson

Embrace Fertility Podcast, with Naomi Woolfson